5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dublin

We may be biased but we think there are hundreds of reasons to visit Dublin and Ireland in general. However we picked out what we think are the top five reasons to visit the Irish capital, just to give you a little teaser as to what you might expect.

  • The Food: this is obviously our number one reason as food is our passion and we want you to discover it. Ireland has some of the world’s best raw ingredients, from delicious dairy to outstanding seafood. And because we’re such a small country, food doesn’t have to travel far so it should always be fresh! We are also fortunate to have numerous talented chefs in Dublin and between independent cafes to Michelin-starred restaurant, there’s so much to choose from! To make sure you eat great food throughout your stay, it’s best to join one of our Delicious Dublin food tours at the start as we share our precious recommendations!
  • The locals: Ireland is known for being a friendly and safe country. In Dublin, if you look lost and are holding a map, locals will always help you out. Dublin is a capital city but it’s human-sized and people are welcoming.
  • The music: Of course we’re home to one of the most famous bands in the world (U2) but we’re also so much more than that. We have so many music festivals and you’ll find live music in the city every night of the week. From traditional music to electro, you will always find something you like!
  • The pubs: everywhere in the world you can find an Irish pub but the truth is it will never be like in Dublin. Make sure to visit some of the best Irish pubs in Dublin for the best craic (great atmosphere) ever.
  • The seaside: Dublin may be a busy urban centre but we’re lucky to be very close to the sea. You can easily walk from Dublin city centre to Sandymount Strand or hop on a DART (suburban train) to one of the coastal towns.

We hope we convinced you to visit our fair city!

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