Video: Packing for the Island of Ireland

With our highly unpredictable weather it isn’t always easy to know what to pack when visiting Ireland. We think this ‘Packing for the Island of Ireland’ video by Discover Ireland is very useful so we’ve decided to share it here.

The video include the following tips:

  • Bring layers
  • Don’t forget that we can (and very often do) get four seasons in one day here in Ireland
  • Dress warm in Winter and Spring
  • Bring sunglasses and sunblock for when the sunshine shows up
  • Comfortable shoes are a must, especially if you end up hiking
  • An umbrella and raincoat are essentials
  • Money: sterlings in Northern Ireland and Euros in the Republic of Ireland
  • Music
  • Travel adaptor for your electronics
  • A phone charge
  • A camera


Oh and here’s another tip from us: bring your appetite and join one of our Delicious Dublin food tours!

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